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Easy Ways to Prevent Plumbing Problems

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Plumbing problems can be inconvenient and messy, but you can take a number of steps to ensure your plumbing stays in the best condition for as long as possible. Not everything can be avoided, but by keeping an eye on how you treat your plumbing system, you are more likely to have a working system when you need it most.

Pay Attention to Your Drains

It is easy to forget that not everything can or should go down the drain. Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, take care to avoid putting hair, grease, trash or anything else down the drain or in the toilet. This applies even if you have a garbage disposal.
Anything that will not dissolve or deteriorate is a problem, and even some things that will eventually break down can still cause issues because of how long it takes for breakdown to occur.

Look Out for Pests

Did you know that rodents and insects could infiltrate your home through the sewer lines and pipes? It may seem odd, but these animals can fit through tiny cracks and holes and make their way into your home by following the pipes.
If you notice an increase in any sort of infestation, you should take the time to call in a pest control expert and a professional plumber. Together they should be able to determine where pests are getting in, how to eliminate the pests and how to repair any damage. If you already know you have damaged sewer lines, don’t wait until pests arrive before you have the problems repaired.

Don’t Assume You Can DIY Everything

A clogged drain or toilet is often a problem a homeowner can handle, but if your plunging efforts don’t seem to be going anywhere, don’t automatically start taking apart the pipes leading to the sink or toilet. The issue could actually be with pipes inside the walls of your home or with the sewer lines buried in the ground.
Not only do you risk damaging pipes that aren’t the problem, but you also make more work for yourself when you realize the leak or crack is in a pipe you can’t readily access.

Call for Plumbing Help Right Away

Our trained technicians know how to handle plumbing issues of all kinds. Cox Plumbing is dedicated to “protecting our environment for future generations,” and this means making sure everyone has plumbing they can rely on. Call us to discuss your plumbing needs today.